Working Papers and Work in Progress





Senior Fellow, ITIF

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“Innovation Mercantilism in Clean Energy,” presentation at Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy, October 14, 2019.

Stranded Assets in the Transition from ICEVs to EVs? Prospects for Labor Displacement in the Auto Manufacturing Industry” presented at the Industry Studies Conference, Nashville, TN, May 31, 2019.

Alignment and Misalignment of Technology Push and Regulatory Pull: Federal RD&D Support for SO2 and NOx Emissions Control Technology for Coal-Fired Power Plants, 1970-2000.” (with Kadri Kallas) MIT Industrial Performance Center Working Paper Series. April 2010.

Don’t Worry About the Government? The LEED-NC ‘Green Building’ Rating System and Energy Efficiency in U.S. Commercial Buildings.” MIT Industrial Performance Center Energy Innovation Project Working Paper no. 1. March, 2009.

Governing the Global Knowledge Economy” (with Dieter Ernst). Presented at Atlanta Conference on Science and Technology Policy, October, 2007; IDEFF Lisbon Conference, June, 2008.

Immigrant Entrepreneurship and Internationalization and Globalization of Successful U.S. High-Tech Start-Ups.”  GMU School of Public Policy Research Paper No. 2011-15, April 2011.

“Managing Complexity Within Complexity: IBM and the U.S.-Japan Semiconductor Trade Arrangement.” Unpublished case study. 2002.