20th (and 21st) Century U.S. History





Senior Fellow, ITIF

I maintain a strong interest in the history of the 20th century and, as it becomes history, the 21st century, too. I focus particularly on the impact of public policy on economics, business, and technology and vice-versa over time. I am committed to the idea that you cannot understand the present adequately without understanding the past in some depth.

Forged Consensus, which began as my MIT dissertation, is the fullest expression of these interests. Research on the “associative state,” which draws on this book, was published in the Journal of Policy History. I have also applied the historical-institutional perspective to corporate lobbying, to entrepreneurship policy, and to innovation policy. I occasionally contribute book reviews to historical journals, and I am a former member of the Business History Conference, the Policy History Conference, and the Society for the History of Technology.